Why are fruit and vegetable display shelves so popular in supermarkets?

The commodities in the supermarket are various, if you want to stimulate consumption, you need to arrange the commodities delicately, which is a problem for some fruits and vegetables. Fruit and vegetable size is different, shape is also different, want to put good-looking can only use fruit and vegetable display shelf, so we decided to buy fruit and vegetable display shelf, after using for a period of time found that the display shelf can give us a very big advantage.

What are the advantages of fruit and vegetable display stands?

  1. Putthe fruits and vegetables in order

After the use of fruit and vegetable display shelves, the original messy fruits are placed in a special neat, looks like the grade will improve a lot, so as to stimulate customers’ desire to buy, improve the turnover.

  1. Keep fruits and vegetables fresh

Different from traditional display shelves, some fruit and vegetable display shelves can be air-conditioned, the release of cool air temperature is appropriate, can extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables, but also to promote the development of fruit, let the fruit more sweet.

  1. Shelf adjustable

Because the display in the supermarket sometimes changes, the display rack has a very flexible assembly method, which can be dismantled at will. The staff can adjust the shelf according to the demand, which is very convenient to use.

  1. Save electricity and low noise

For some cold air display shelves, all use low-noise power-saving devices, not only to give customers a quiet shopping environment, but also to save more costs for the supermarket.

  1. Save space

The capacity of fruit and vegetable shelves is very large, which can accommodate a large number of fruits and vegetables, so as to save space as much as possible, improve the utilization rate of space, and help supermarkets reduce costs.

Fruit and vegetable display stand

In addition, fruit and vegetable display shelf has a lot of advantages, once the use has brought us a very big surprise, let us harvest not only profit, but also customer’s high quality evaluation and good reputation. Manufacturers are also very thoughtful production of a variety of different models for buyers to choose.

Specifications of fruit and vegetable display rack

Specification 500x600x700mm 900x600x700mm 1100x800x900mm
Product name Fruit and vegetable display stand
Colors Black/white any color is available
Materials Metal/wood
Surface treatment Powder coating/zinc plating/chrome plating
Dimensions Customize
Application Convenience stores/markets/shopping malls
Capacity 50-150kg /layer


Different specifications can meet the needs of different businesses, there is always a suitable one, no matter which one, can bring businesses unlimited business opportunities, greatly improve the profit, compared to the traditional display frame, the advantage is very obvious.

Showing stand

Differences between traditional display rack and fruit and vegetable display rack

  1. Preservation of fruits and vegetables

Traditional display shelves are unable to keep fruits and vegetables fresh and often produce rotten fruits and vegetables. However, display shelves can extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables and reduce costs for businesses.

  1. The state of fruit and vegetables placement

Fruit and vegetable display shelves display a sense of beauty when placing fruits and vegetables, which is very delicate. In addition, the display shelves themselves are very delicate, which can make the whole supermarket neat and beautiful. However, the traditional display shelves cannot display fruits and vegetables well, which makes the environment of the supermarket very messy and reduces the desire of customers to buy.

In contrast, fruit and vegetable display shelves have incomparable advantages, so the equipment has become a very hot equipment, the market sales continue to go up, supermarket display shelves, clothing display shelves, etc, have become the necessary equipment of the supermarket.

Fruit and vegetable display shelf in the supermarket so popular, thanks to the convenience that has brought to businesses, I believe that with the development of science and technology, we will have a greater change in the future, our life will be better and better!