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Every mall and supermarket has its own warehouse, which can be used to store a lot of goods to meet the huge demand. If you want to better manage the inventory of the warehouse, you need to use the warehouse storage rack. Our company is a well-known shelf manufacturer in the industry, and the warehouse storage rack, clothes display rack, supermarket display rack and other products have received very high evaluation.



What are the advantages of warehouse shelving?

1.Better storage of goods

Storage rack is mainly used to store goods, after the use of this shelf, you can put all the goods into different categories, very organized storage, making the warehouse more concise.

2.Make the warehouse hold more goods

When the warehouse is very messy, the effective use space will be greatly reduced, and after the use of the warehouse display rack, the goods are placed in a more orderly way, can reasonably use the warehouse space, so that the warehouse can put more goods.

3.Facilitate the warehousing of goods

For the staff, after using the display shelf, the goods can be arranged in the shortest time after they are put in order. It is also more convenient for them to go out and put in the warehouse, which greatly improves the work efficiency.

4.Reduce security risks

Warehouse shelves can effectively reduce security risks, classify and put various goods, and staff can check the status of each kind of goods at any time, which is very convenient.

The shelves produced by our company are a combination of various advantages and are very practical. The customers who have used it have given a very high feedback. In order to make more customers benefit from it, we have made a variety of specifications of warehouse storage racks.

Warehouse shelf

Warehouse shelf

Specification of storage rack in warehouse:

Product name Warehouse shelf
Materials Steel
Height 5-15m
Usage Tool rack, beverage, clothing, tool, supermarket, food, industrial, warehouse rack
Surface treatment Powder coated
Dimensions Customized
Loading capacity 200-400kg
Shipment packing Strapping tape, plastic film, board stand, carton

A variety of different specifications allow buyers to have a variety of different options, if you have special needs or your own unique insights, you are welcome to contact us, let us turn ideas into reality. Let’s make progress together, and get rid of the disadvantages of traditional shelf slowly

Disadvantages of traditional shelf:

1.Limited bearing capacity

The carrying capacity of traditional shelf is limited, cannot pile up too much goods, so the warehouse will become cluttered, which will give rise to a series of problems, such as low quantity of storage, difficulty in stock taking, and so on, which brings businesses a lot of inconvenience.

2.Security issues

Traditional shelf because of the use of inconvenience, will make a lot of security problems in the warehouse, may also bring a lot of security problems to the staff.

The use of warehouse shelves can effectively avoid a variety of unexpected defects and bring more convenience to store inventory management. In order to reduce the burden of customers, we have made many major adjustments in the price of the shelves.

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Price advantage of storage rack in warehouse:

In order to ensure the quality of the shelves, we conducted repeated experiments and finally selected the most suitable raw materials, and successfully reduced the cost, which also made our products very cheap. However, we cannot promise you that our price is the lowest, because our production materials are very advanced, but we can assure you that our shelf price is very high, what you receive must be a great surprise.

As a company with many years of development, we have a good reputation. Our products have been exported to Canada, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan and other countries. For many customers to provide quality shelves and perfect service, more and more customers began to trust us.

Our services:

1.Free warranty

2.Personalized customized service

3.Customer service online question answer

4.Provide free market information

Our customers have been spread over many countries and regions, if you want to buy warehouse storage shelves, please contact us, we will give you a satisfactory reply, we look forward to working with you!

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