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With the improvement of economic level, consumers have higher and higher demands and are no longer satisfied with a single commodity. Therefore, supermarkets need more commodities to attract customers. When there are too many commodities, how to place them? At this time, we need a supermarket shelf, the shelf is mainly used to put a variety of goods, and our company is a professional shelf production company, the sale of shelves with many unique advantages.



What are the advantages of supermarket shelves?

1.Arrange the goods in an orderly manner

The shelves are mainly used for storing various goods. After using the shelves, all goods can be discharged in an orderly manner, which makes the supermarket look more clean and tidy and gives people a better visual feeling.

2.More contemporary

Different from the traditional shelves, the appearance of supermarket display shelves is more in line with the modern aesthetic, with fashionable elements, placed in the supermarket can also play a certain decorative role.


Display shelves are made of high quality materials, very stable, can put more goods, will not easily damage, and will not cause unpredictable danger to customers.

4.Greater bearing capacity

Due to its solid structure, the supermarket display rack has a larger carrying capacity, which can carry more commodities, reduce the shortage of commodities, and maintain the normal circulation of commodities in the supermarket.

5.Effectively prevent the destruction of goods

When all the goods can be placed in an orderly manner, the staff can conduct more convenient management, so the use of display shelves can effectively avoid the expiration of goods.

The display frame produced by our company was sold out once it was launched with many advantages and was well received by buyers. Now our market has spread all over Singapore, Canada, Russia, Japan and other countries, which has benefited the stores in more countries. At the same time, we also warmly received customers from many countries to visit our company.

Bangladesh client
Bangladesh client
Brazilian clients visit
Brazilian clients visit

After extensive research on the market demand, we produced a variety of different specifications of supermarket display shelves, so that supermarkets of different sizes can find suitable display shelves.

Specifications of supermarket display shelves:

Specification 600*400*500mm | 800*650*710mm | 1100*800*900mm
Product name Supermarket shelf
Capacity 50-150kg /layer
Layer 4/5/6
Materials Steel
Weight Light-weight
Usage Stores, supermarkets, cosmeceuticals stores, convenience stores
Shipment packing Cartons and air bubble film
Surface treatment Powder coating

If you are not sure what specification of display shelf you should use, you can also contact us, we will have professionals to choose the most suitable shelf for you. You needn’t worry about the price. We have a unique price advantage.

The price advantage of supermarket display shelf:

The advantages of the shelf have been introduced to you before, you can rest assured about the quality, we are all made of the best quality materials, is absolutely excellent quality and reasonable price products. Although the quality is very reliable, our price is not high. Of course, we can’t guarantee you that the price of our shelves is the lowest, because the quality of shelves in the market is uneven, after all, you get what you pay for. We can’t compare with the super low price shelf, but what we can promise you is that in the same price range, you will hardly find a better quality than ours.

As a professional shelf manufacturer, we have many years of market experience, you can rest assured to buy our shelves, you will be full of surprises.

supermarket shelf

supermarket shelf

Why choose us?

1.The material of supermarket display shelf is high, with good quality

2.Shelf price is low, cost-effective, practical, long use cycle

3.We have many years of development experience, accurately grasp the market demand, so that you are always in the market leading position

4.Perfect service system

When you start to communicate with us, you can enjoy the world-class service, no matter whether you cooperate with us or not, you are our trusted friend.

Our services:

1.Super cost-effective supermarket display rack

2.Answer online questions

3.Remote guided installation

4.Deliver goods within 24 h

5.Perfect after-sales service

If you also need such supermarket display shelves, clothes display shelves, sports display shelves, so please contact us, we are willing to answer all your questions, a cooperation, lifelong friends, looking forward to your arrival!

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