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Supermarket display shelf is used to put goods in the supermarket, now each supermarket will use such shelves, convenient customers and convenient staff.

Our company has a very rich experience in the shelf, the supermarket display shelf has been sold to Singapore, Pakistan, India, Russia and many other countries and regions, causing a great response in the local, and many customers have entered into long-term cooperative relations with us, mainly because of the unique advantages of our supermarket display shelves.

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What are the advantages of supermarket display shelves?

1.The material is strong and durable

Display shelves are all made of high quality materials, can bear relatively large weight, even if the shelves put more goods also have no problem, the service life is very long.

2.Arrange the goods in an orderly manner

When the display shelves are used, all the goods can be arranged in an orderly manner, so that the supermarket no longer looks cluttered, thus attracting more customers.

3.Improve the image of the supermarket

The image of the supermarket is one of the important factors to attract customers. The beautiful appearance of the display rack can enhance the image of the supermarket invisibly.

4.Reduce the working pressure of the staff

When all the goods can be placed in an orderly manner, the staff can accurately grasp the location and quantity of each commodity, reducing the pressure of the staff.

5.Large capacity

The capacity of supermarket shelves is very large, can put a lot of goods, to avoid the situation of shortage.

We produce a variety of different specifications of shelves, can meet the needs of different commodities and different supermarkets, if you have special needs, you can also contact us to customize, we will provide you with the most satisfactory shelves.

supermarket shelf

supermarket shelf

Specifications of supermarket display shelves:

Product name Supermarket shelf
Weight Lightness
Usage Store, supermarket
Layer 4/5/6
Size and color Customize
General width 450/500/550/600mm
The length 900/1000/1100/1200m
Height of equipment 1500-2200mm

We produce a variety of specifications of supermarket display shelves, can provide convenience to all supermarkets, we use superb technology and high-quality materials to make shelves, absolutely let you buy excellent quality and reasonable price goods, when compared with the traditional shelf, the difference is obvious.

Disadvantages of traditional shelf:

The traditional shelf is being gradually eliminated, it can not meet the demand of ever-changing market, its carrying capacity is low, the installation is very troublesome, cannot easily move and the appearance is poor, and inconvenient for the supermarket to use, can not meet the needs of consumers. By contrast, supermarket display shelves can effectively avoid a variety of disadvantages, bring rich profits for the supermarket.

Our supermarket display shelves have excellent quality and are always in the leading position in the industry. We also actively research and develop a variety of other shelves, such as sports display shelves, warehouse storage shelves, clothes display shelves, etc. These kind of shelves are holding important position in the industry. While ensuring the quality, we fully consider the customer, as far as possible to reduce the price, so that our shelves have a very large price advantage.

goods shelf

goods shelf

What is the price advantage of supermarket display shelf?

On the market full of beautiful things in eyes of the shelf is very much, when choosing the shelf, we should learn to distinguish correctly, cannot look at the price only, should choose the highest cost-performance shelves however. Among the shelves at the same price, our supermarket display stands are the most cost-effective. All the shelves are made of high-quality materials, which have unique advantages and strong practicability, which can help the supermarket save a lot of costs. Although we can not promise you the lowest price, you can certainly buy a surprise from us.

Our supermarket display shelf can not only bring good economic benefits to the supermarket, but also bring customers more convenient way of shopping, is the best choice for the supermarket to put the goods. We not only provide quality shelf, we also provide quality service.

Our services:

1.Customer service 24h online answer questions

2.2 years warranty

3.Guide installation online

4.Provide more market information

As a leading company in the industry, we always adhere to the principle of customer service, we hope to become friends with each partner, we look forward to working with you!

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