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The goods in the supermarket are full of beautiful things in eyes, if there is no a good way of display, it will make the supermarket look more messy, and the customers can’t choose the goods well, so a high-quality supermarket display shelf is very necessary. Supermarket display shelf is used to put a variety of goods shelves, for the development of the supermarket to provide a very large convenience.

The supermarket display shelf has been well received since it came out. Our company, as a professional shelf manufacturer, has also produced this shelf. Our supermarket display shelf has many advantages.



What are the advantages of supermarket display shelves?

1.Goods in good order

With the display rack, all kinds of goods can be placed well, and all the goods can find their proper positions, so as to make the supermarket look more clean and tidy.

2.Save space

Because the capacity of supermarket display shelves is very large, can put a lot of goods, even can achieve multi-layer display, so can effectively use space resources.

3.Fashion appearance

Different from the traditional display rack, the display rack’s appearance is very fashionable and in line with the current aesthetic. It can not only display goods but also play a certain decorative role in the supermarket.

4.Convenient to use

The disassembly and installation of supermarket shelves is very convenient, because supermarkets often change the position of goods, so the shelf is very practical, assembly is very flexible also.

5.Strong bearing capacity

In order to avoid the shortage of goods, the supermarket has to pile up a large number of goods, and the carrying capacity of the shelves is very large, can meet the needs of the supermarket.

Because the needs of each supermarket are different, after observing the actual needs of many supermarkets, we produced a variety of different specifications of supermarket display shelves, convenient for different businesses to choose.

Specifications of supermarket display shelves:

Product name Supermarket display rack
Dimensions 1200x660x710mm Customize
Colors Black, white any color available
Materials Metal/wood
Surface treatment Powder coating/zinc plating/chrome plating
Usage Supermarket/shop
Technical details Cutting, bending, welding, polishing, painting, powder coating etc
Category Showing stand

Supermarket display rack

Supermarket display rack

As a professional shelf manufacturer, we have many years of development experience, enjoy a high reputation in the market, the production of supermarket display shelves, warehouse storage shelves, sports display shelves have been unanimously praised by merchants. The main reason why merchants trust us so much is that our products have a unique price advantage.

What is the price advantage of supermarket display shelf?

When we in the choose and buy goods, price and quality is the most important two factors, first in terms of quality, our supermarket shelves all use high quality material, in order to minimize the price, our designer made repeated experiments, finally choose the most suitable materials and production methods, can be on the basis of quality assurance, provide the buyer with the cheapest price.We can’t assure you that our price is the lowest, after all, you get what you pay for, our shelf material quality durable, we can assure you that our supermarket shelves must be of the highest cost performance. We can’t assure you that our price is the lowest, after all, you get what you pay for, our shelf material quality durable, we can assure you that our supermarket shelves must be of the highest cost performance. You can hardly find a shelf of the same quality as ours at the same price.

As long as you use our shelves, your harvest must be a very big surprise, compared with the traditional shelves, our shelves have incomparable advantages.

Comparison between supermarket display shelves and traditional shelves:


The poor material and appearance of the traditional shelves cannot bring good experience to customers, which makes many customers give up their desire to buy and reduce the turnover of the supermarket. And the supermarket displays shelf choosing the best material to make, and the shelf is used flexibly, bring a lot of convenience to supermarket and customer.


Supermarket display shelves can well display a variety of goods, so that the whole supermarket appears more high-end atmosphere, and convenient assembly, disassembly flexible, traditional shelves do not have these advantages.

Indian clients visit
Indian clients visit
Visit of Canadian clients
Visit of Canadian clients

We are one of the largest shelf manufacturers in China. Our supermarket display shelves have been exported to Canada, Japan, Russia, Singapore and other countries and regions due to their excellent performance. It has brought convenience to supermarkets in many countries and helped them increase their turnover, while another important factor for them to trust us is our excellent service.

After many comparisons, many customers chose us very firmly. In order to enable more customers to buy appropriate shelves, we produced shelves of different specifications.

Our services:

1.24 hours to answer questions online

2.Perfect warranty service

3.Check every shelf carefully before delivery

4.Whole-process tracking service

We firmly do not do a one-time deal, we will track our shelves, to provide customers with a variety of services at any time, customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit, we look forward to your arrival!

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