Steel Frame For Supermarket Goods

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Supermarket steel frame is the shelves used to put a variety of goods, practicality is very strong, more and more supermarkets began to use this kind of shelves. Our company is a professional shelf manufacturer, years of development let us harvest many buyers praise, our shelves have been exported to Singapore, Canada, Russia, Japan and other countries and regions, bringing great convenience to local supermarkets and customers.

Our supermarket steel frame has a very strong advantage in the industry has always been in the leading position, by many buyers trust.

Visitors from Bangladesh
Visitors from Bangladesh
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Brazilian clients visit

What is the advantage of supermarket steel frame?

1.Arrange the goods neatly

After using the steel frame, the goods in the supermarket can be placed in an orderly manner, which makes the supermarket look more orderly and easier for staff to manage and customers to choose the goods.

2.Save space resources

Unlike a traditional single shelf, a supermarket display shelf has a variety of options. Buyers can choose multiple shelves to make use of the space resources to place more goods.

3.Upgrade the supermarket

The production of display shelves is very high-end. In order to conform to the public’s aesthetic taste, the appearance of shelves is very beautiful, making every part of the supermarket full of high-end, which can instantly improve the grade of the supermarket.

4.Long use time

In order to prolong the use time of supermarket display shelves, we all use the best quality materials to reduce the cost of supermarket investment.

Our display shelf has a significant advantage, which has been snapped up by many buyers since it was put on the market, and many supermarkets have ordered it from us because it has obvious advantages over traditional shelves.

Steel frame for supermarket goods

Steel frame for supermarket goods

Differences between traditional shelves and supermarkets steel frames:


The quality of traditional shelves is poor and the use time is not long. Supermarkets need to replace the shelves frequently, while the steel frames in supermarkets take a long time to use, which can help them save costs.

2.Quantity of goods displayed

The number of goods placed on the traditional shelves is limited, and it will be dangerous if too many goods are placed. However, the steel frame of the supermarket is very reliable, so many goods can be placed, and there are multiple layers to choose from, so that the space of the supermarket can be maximized.

3.The degree of convenience

The traditional shelves will bring a lot of trouble to the staff because of the inconvenience and other factors, and the supermarket steel frame makes the supermarket more simple, so that the staff and customers can get more convenience.

After many comparisons, many customers chose us very firmly. In order to enable more customers to buy appropriate shelves, we produced shelves of different specifications.

Specifications of steel frames in supermarkets:

Specification 700*610*800mm | 800*720*900mm | 1200*900*1100mm
Product name Supermarket goods steel frame
Molding Welding
Colors White, red, blue, etc
Materials Steel
Surface treatment Powder coating
Capacity 50-80kg /layer
Weight Heavy duty
Shipment packing Frame type wrapping
goods shelf

goods shelf

We produce a variety of specifications of the supermarket steel frame, will be able to meet your needs, we will provide you with high quality goods at the same time will provide you with perfect service, so that you have a most pleasant shopping trip.

Our services:

1.Customer service 24 hours to answer questions

2.High quality supermarket steel frame

3.Low prices

4.Free warranty

We have many advantages, we can not list them to you one by one, we are able to stand out among many manufacturers, because we always adhere to the principle of providing quality service for customers, many countries and regions of the customer benefit from us.

Why choose us?

We can not only provide high-quality goods and perfect service, the most important thing is that we always regard the customer as the most important person. We have a deep grasp of the law of market development, can provide customers with solutions in the first time, let customers significantly increase the turnover, choose us, is to choose the future.

Our company’s supermarket steel frame, sports display rack, clothes display rack and other shelves, have received numerous high praise, do not hesitate to contact us, experience once, benefit for a lifetime, we look forward to working with you!

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