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Store display shelves are used to place a variety of goods shelves, the emergence of the shelves to help the store to solve a lot of trouble, our company is a professional shelf manufacturer, in many years of development has enjoyed a high reputation in the industry, our store display shelves, sports display shelves, warehouse storage shelves and other shelves are well received by buyers. Now it has been sold to Singapore, Canada, Japan, Indonesia and other countries, bringing great convenience to local customers and promoting the development of local economy.

Practice has proved that our store display shelves have incomparable advantages, so the sales volume in the market is higher and higher.

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Brazilian clients visit
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Advantages of store display shelves:

1.Goods are neatly arranged

After the use of display shelves, the goods in the store can be neatly placed, and the shelf capacity is very large, can hold a lot of goods, making the store inventory management more convenient.


Different from the traditional shelves, store display shelves can be selected according to the needs of customers, such as shelves with three or four floors, so as to make reasonable use of space resources, which can help stores save rent costs.

3.Bring convenience to the staff

Using the display shelf can bring great convenience to the staff, because all the goods are discharged in an orderly way, the staff can manage more conveniently, and they can do their work better after the pressure is reduced.

4.Bring convenience to customers

When customers are faced with messy products, it is very troublesome to choose products. Using the store shelves can effectively improve this situation and bring a lot of convenience to customers.

In addition, our shelves also have many advantages, which can not only bring convenience to the store, but also effectively improve the turnover of the store. We have designed a variety of shelves of different specifications for different stores, I believe you can surely find the most suitable one for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Shop shelf

Shop shelf

Specifications of store display shelves:

Product name Shop shelf
Usage Store, supermarket
Specification Customize
Colors Customize
Surface treatment Spray paint, electroplating
Batch processing Design -> cut -> sanding -> primer -> carving -> screen printing -> polishing -> surface paint treatment -> assembly -> packaging
Packaging EPE cotton + bubble film + Angle protection + kraft paper package + plywood + wooden case
Load bearing 50-100kg

Our shelf size can be customized, you can also choose the color of the shelf according to your store style, as long as we can do, we can help you achieve, as long as you use it, you will find that store display shelves have a very clear advantage over traditional shelves.

Comparison of traditional shelves and store display shelves:

Traditional shelves have a lot of disadvantages, first of all, the carrying capacity is not strong, can only put a small number of goods, the customer’s purchase range is much less, and the second is because the appearance of the poor and reduce the grade of the store, in addition, there are many shortcomings. For example, it is not convenient for staff to manage, on the contrary, store display shelves can save a lot of unnecessary trouble, attract more customers for the store, and increase the turnover.

Our store display shelves have a great influence on the market. Many stores use our shelves and give a very high evaluation. If the goods are of good quality, is the price also high? No, we’ve kept the price to a minimum for the sake of the customer.

goods shelf

goods shelf

The price advantage of store display shelves

Because we use all high-quality materials, the shelf cost is very high, but we have lowered the price a lot. Although we can’t guarantee you that our price is the lowest, you can definitely find that our cost performance is the highest. Buy the highest quality shelf with the lowest price, and shelf life is very long, is much more cost-effective than ordinary shelf.
We adhere to the principle of serving customer, so that customers in our company as if back home, many customers have become very good friends with us.

Our services:

1.Customer service 24h online question answer

2.2 years warranty

3.Competitively priced

4.New products

We can’t list all of our services, but from the moment you contact us, you become the focus of our services, we hope you can get a better life through us and we look forward to your coming.

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