How much do you know about steel frames in supermarkets?

There are many commodities in the supermarket, so how to arrange them effectively is a topic worth discussing. Good display can make the customers of the supermarket have the desire to buy, thus greatly increasing the turnover. After a lot of investigation, we think the supermarket steel frame is a good choice, so we bought the supermarket steel frame, after really understand the advantages of this kind of shelf.


What are the advantages of supermarket steel frame?

  1. Put the goods in order

After using the steel frame, the products in the supermarket will be better placed, which can effectively avoid clutter and make the supermarket look more tidy. Customers will also feel very clean after entering the supermarket, thus enhancing their desire for shopping.

  1. Longer service life

Compared with the traditional wooden or plastic shelf, the steel frame of supermarket goods is not easy to damage the use cycle is longer, and the style of this shelf and material closely follow the trend of the times, will not be eliminated easily, can reduce the operating cost of the supermarket.

  1. Highlight the characteristics of the supermarket

A significant advantage of displaying steel frame is that it can effectively highlight the characteristics of the supermarket. Since people nowadays pay much attention to external appearance, if the decoration of the supermarket is relatively high-end, it will attract more customers to shop. And this shelf looks beautiful, the color is various, can choose according to different commodity, can very good promote the image of the supermarket.

  1. Easy installation

Generally speaking, the customer flow of supermarkets is relatively large, and the sales of commodities are relatively fast. The display shelf of supermarkets can well meet the market demand, and the staff can easily change the position of the shelves, because it is very convenient to install.

  1. Versatility broad

A display shelf can be used to display a variety of goods, the versatility is very strong, can greatly reduce the input cost of the supermarket.

Supermarket shelves

The practicability of supermarket steel frame is very strong, although a lot of people do not know the performance of this shelf, but after use will certainly harvest a very big surprise, first of all, there are many types of shelves, can meet the needs of different supermarkets.

Specifications of steel shelves in supermarkets

Product name Supermarket steel shelf
Materials High strength low carbon steel
Usage Tool rack, tool, supermarket, industrial, warehouse rack
Category Multistage frame
Height 0-5m
Mobility Adjustable
Dimensions Customize
Supporting power 50-200kg

A variety of specifications give supermarkets a variety of options, due to the practicality of the shelf is very strong, so the sales in the market is higher and higher, more and more supermarkets began to use this steel frame, the traditional shelf is slowly out of the stage of history.

Steel frame

Disadvantages of traditional supermarket shelves

Traditional supermarket shelves have been unable to meet the needs of the market, the poor appearance of the poor visual perception, will reduce customers’ desire to buy, at the same time, the installation of traditional shelves is more troublesome, can not carry too many goods, use is also very inconvenient, installation is difficult. It takes a long time to change the position, and the supermarket steel frame can effectively avoid these disadvantages, so it is increasingly popular in the market.

The appearance of steel frames, display racks and storage racks in supermarkets has greatly influenced the development of supermarkets, benefiting more and more supermarkets, and also providing customers with a more pleasant shopping experience, which is a kind of shelf that is well worth purchasing. We believe that in the near future, we will meet more high-quality equipment, so that our development is more smooth.