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The goods in the supermarket are full of beautiful things in eyes. If they are not well displayed, they will make the supermarket look messy, thus affecting the shopping experience of customers. Then how to solve this problem? The grocery display rack produced by our company can solve this problem well.

Grocery display rack is used to put all kinds of grocery goods, as clothes display rack, sports display rack and other shelves, can bring great convenience for the supermarket.

The supermarket groceries

The supermarket groceries

What are the advantages of grocery display stands?

1.Tidy up the groceries

When display shelves are used in supermarkets or stores, goods can be placed neatly to avoid clutter, and all groceries can be sold, which significantly increases the turnover of supermarkets.

2.Make the supermarket space more spacious

When all the groceries are not well placed, the supermarket will be very full, but after the use of the grocery display rack, all the groceries can be placed in order, the supermarket space will be cleared out, appears very broad.

3.Strong bearing force

The bearing capacity of display shelves is very power, which can be used to store a lot of goods and avoid the shortage of goods. It can also reduce the use of shelves and save space and cost for supermarkets.

4.Convenient management

When the groceries are placed neatly, the structure of the supermarket is more eye-catching, which facilitates the management of the staff and improves their work efficiency.

Grocery shelves can effectively help major supermarkets to change the status quo and make daily operations more efficient. In order to fully meet the market demand, we have also produced a variety of grocery shelves in various specifications. I believe there is always one suitable for you.

General cargo display stand

General cargo display stand

Specification of general cargo display rack:

Specification 500*400*500mm | 900*750*850mm | 1200*950*1100mm
Product name General cargo display stand
Usage Stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, convenience stores, hypermarkets
Colors Customize
Layer 1-7 storeys grocery shelf
Dimensions Customize
Weight General
Delivered payload capability 80 kilos per layer
Shipment packing Paper carton, paper

If you do not find the right shelf for you, you can also contact our customer service, tell us your needs, we will customize the most suitable grocery display rack for you. Many customers in the use of the process, will give us feedback, said the shelf is very practical, much better than the traditional shelf.

Disadvantages of traditional shelf:

The traditional shelves are relatively simple with weak flexibility. The number of groceries that can be placed is limited, which makes the goods piled up in stores or supermarkets disorderly. It looks messy and the space is relatively small, so that customers will feel depressed when they enter the supermarket. Over time, many customers will be lost. And grocery display can completely avoid these disadvantages.

Grocery display shelves can effectively help supermarkets or stores to increase the turnover, which is a great improvement of shelves. Therefore, our shelves are also exported to Singapore, Canada, India, Pakistan and other countries. And attracted a lot of customers to our company for field visits, in order to live up to the expectations of the majority of customers, we will continue to work hard.

Visit of Canadian clients
Visit of Canadian clients
 Indian clients visit
Indian clients visit

So high cost – effective grocery display stand, the price is not high. Compared with other similar shelves, has a big price advantage.

The price advantage of grocery display rack:

Our shelf quality is very reliable, durable for a long time, high cost performance, regarding the price, may not be the lowest price in the market, but it must be the best quality among the same price. Our shelves are made of high quality materials, the surface coating is also environmentally friendly materials, is your best choice.

As a first-class company, we not only provide first-class shelves, but also provide first-class service, so that you enjoy the highest treatment.

Our services:

1.Super cost-effective shelf

2.Check carefully before delivery

3.2 years warranty

4.Answer questions online

We have a lot of services, from the moment you contact us, we will be for your full service, just for you to get a quality experience. Trust us, choose us, we look forward to the arrival of new friends!

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