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Fruits and vegetables are our daily necessities, they provide a variety of nutrients for the human body, so the market demand is very huge, whether it is supermarkets or stores need to sell a variety of fruits and vegetables. The display of fruit and vegetable is a difficult problem, because fruits and vegetables are very perishable, ordinary shelves can not meet the demand, our company’s fruit and vegetable display shelf will make you satisfied. Fruit and vegetable display shelf is used to put a variety of fruit and vegetable, of course, there are many other advantages.

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables

Advantages of fruit and vegetable display rack

1.Fruits and vegetables are arranged more delicately

After using the display shelf, we will completely get rid of the previous cluttered environment and display fruits and vegetables more delicately, so as to attract more customers to buy, thus greatly increasing the turnover of the store.

2.Extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables

There are many kinds of shelves. For perishable fruits and vegetables, we can choose fruit and vegetable display shelves with cool air, which will release certain cool air in the process of using, extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables, and reduce the cost of stores.

3.Add a sense of style to the store

Display shelf appearance is very beautiful, in line with the trend of the times, shelves placed in the store can bring a lot of fashion sense to the store, customers will be attracted from the outside, so as to bring a lot of potential customers for the store.

4.Reduce stress on staff

When all the fruits and vegetables are placed in a particularly neat order, the staff can have a very accurate grasp of the various products, it is easier to manage the products, so the use of fruit and vegetable shelves can reduce the pressure of the staff.

As a professional shelf dealer, we know that each customer’s needs will be different, so we have produced a variety of different specifications of fruit and vegetable display shelves, you can choose according to your own needs. If there is nothing suitable for you, you can also contact us for customization, we are happy to serve you.

Fruit and vegetable display stand

Fruit and vegetable display stand

Specifications of fruit and vegetable display rack:

Product name Fruit and vegetable display stand
Materials Metal
Display place Indoor
Usage Exhibitions, supermarkets, shops
Colors Black/white any color is available
Specification 1200x660x710mm Customize
Weight Medium weight
Technical details Cutting, bending, welding, polishing, painting, powder coating etc

We are looking forward to having in-depth communication with more customers, we can meet your different needs, because we have a huge capital force and excellent designers. We refuse to stay the same, we innovate all the time, the traditional shelf has been gradually eliminated by us, because it has so many disadvantages.

Disadvantages of traditional shelf:

1.Traditional shelves cannot hold too many items

The carrying capacity of traditional shelves is limited, and only a small amount of fruits and vegetables can be placed on them. If the staff can’t take good care of them, they are likely to be sold out by customers, thus losing a lot of potential customers and bringing losses to stores and supermarkets.

2.Limited shelf life

Traditional shelves cannot extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables, and if they are not sold out, they will rot, causing economic losses to stores.

In contrast, our fruit and vegetable display shelves can effectively avoid the disadvantages of traditional shelves, bringing a very favorable impact to stores and supermarkets. Although the quality of our shelves is very reliable, the price is very low, which is also an important factor for our products to be exported to Canada, Russia, Japan, Singapore and Pakistan.

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The price advantage of fruit and vegetable display shelf:

When you buy the goods, you should not only look at the price, but also look at the quality of the goods. Our fruit and vegetable display rack integrates various advantages and is very practical. As for the price, we can’t promise the lowest price for you, but we can promise the highest cost performance for you. Our shelves are made of the best quality materials regardless of material or surface treatment.

The quality is high and the price is low. Is that all we can offer you? No, we can also provide quality service, so that you will have a most enjoyable shopping experience.

Our services:

1.Quality products

2.Installation guide

3.Freight free

4.24h online customer service

We know that customer satisfaction is the basis of our long-term development. We will spare no effort to provide you with the best quality products and the most perfect service. Fruit and vegetable display rack, sports display rack, warehouse shelf and other shelves, will bring you great changes, we sincerely look forward to working with you!

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