Features of Supermarket Shelves

When we go shopping in the supermarket, we will always find that every supermarket has a variety of display cabinets, the role of display cabinets is very big, if there is no display cabinets will make the supermarket disorganized, into a scene of chaos. In order to make our supermarket have a better development, so we decided to buy supermarket shelves, after a period of serious experience, we were surprised to find that the turnover of the supermarket has been significantly increased, so we have to sigh that the supermarket shelf advantage is powerful.


What are the advantages of supermarket shelves?

  1. Goods are neatly arranged

After the use of supermarket display shelves, goods can be placed in order according to categories, the whole supermarket appears more clean and tidy, customers will feel suddenly enlightened after entering the supermarket, thus stimulating consumption.

  1. Improve product quality

After the goods are placed in an orderly manner, it is more convenient for the management of the staff. Whether perishable goods or easy damping goods, an effective management can be achieved. Therefore, the use of shelves can effectively improve the quality of goods.

  1. Reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency

After the use of the supermarket display shelves, the staff will be faced with the orderly display of goods, which can greatly reduce the workload of staff, improve work efficiency, so that the turnover of the supermarket steadily increased.

  1. Provide security for customers

Display shelves can be placed in an orderly manner, making the internal environment of the supermarket more orderly, customers have enough space to choose and buy goods, there will not be display shelves collapse and other safety problems.

  1. Improve space utilization

Display shelf assembly is flexible and convenient, the staff can freely assemble into four or five layers of display shelf, make full use of the space, so that the supermarket can put more goods but not crowded.

Supermarket shelves

Supermarket display shelf has a lot of advantages, so it has become popular equipment that a wide range of supermarkets to buy, in order to make more supermarkets and stores convenient, manufacturers have also produced a variety of different specifications of display shelves, supermarkets can choose according to their own needs.


Specifications of supermarket shelves

Specification 600x510x650mm 750x600x800mm 1100x700x850mm
Product name Supermarket display rack
Layer 4/5/6
The length 900/1000/1100/1200mm
General width 450/500/550/600mm
The height 1500-2200mm
Usage For supermarkets/shops
Colors Customize

Multiple specifications allow different supermarkets and stores to buy display racks they need, I believe that after using, will be determined to discard the traditional shelf, because in contrast, the disadvantages of the traditional shelf is very obvious.

goods shelf

 What are the disadvantages of traditional shelves?

Traditional shelves have occupied a long time in stores, but with the development of society, its disadvantages become more and more obvious. First of all, it occupies a large space. Most of the space in the supermarket is occupied by the traditional shelves, which adds a sense of oppression to customers. Second, it cannot effectively place goods, which looks very messy and reduces customers’ desire to buy. In addition, it is troublesome to change the position of traditional shelves. Relatively speaking, the advantages of supermarket shelves are more obvious, which not only brings convenience to supermarkets, but also brings a lot of convenience to customers.

The appearance of supermarket shelves has significantly increased our turnover, and at the same time made customers in our supermarket have a better shopping experience, which is a matter of killing two birds with one stone. Clothes display rack, sports display rack and so on have also brought us great convenience.

I believe that in our future life, supermarket shelves will still bring us a great surprise, we also look forward to more convenient and beneficial equipment.