Description of the characteristics of Storage Rack in Warehouse

Warehouse storage shelves play a crucial role in the development of stores or supermarkets. In order to avoid the occurrence of shortages, there are a large number of standby goods for each commodity in the warehouse. At this time, warehouse management is very important. Reasonable display of goods can make the warehouse play the maximum role, so we also use the warehouse shelf, after using for a period of time we found that the shelf has a very significant advantage.


Advantages of warehouse storage rack

  1. An orderly arrangement of goods

After using the storage rack, the goods can be arranged and placed effectively, which makes the warehouse more concise and orderly, thus enabling the warehouse to hold more goods.

  1. Improve work efficiency and save time

When the goods in the warehouse are put in order, it is beneficial for the staff to take stock of the goods and to go out and put them in the warehouse. It is easier to find the goods. After using the warehouse shelves, the pressure of the staff can be reduced and the work efficiency can be greatly improved.

  1. Prevent the goods from being damaged

The display shelf in the warehouse can put every product in a good position. For some fragile or perishable food, there is a good storage way, so that the staff can quickly check the shelf life of the product to avoid the damage of the product, thus reducing the cost of the supermarket or the store.

  1. Convenient to use

If the warehouse wants to change the position of goods, it is very convenient to use the shelf, the shelf is easy to operate, can be dismantled and installed according to the demand, there is no pressure for the staff to use.

  1. Good bearing capacity

Warehouse display shelves are all made of high-quality materials, in the process of use is not easy to deformation, bearing capacity is very large, can put a large number of goods, and will not appear any safety problems.

Warehouse shelf

Warehouse storage shelves bring us great convenience, making warehouse management easier, manufacturers also produced a variety of different specifications of shelves, can meet the needs of different warehouses.

Specification of storage rack in warehouse

Specification 1200x800x900mm 900x700x800mm 1100x1500x2000mm
Product name Warehouse shelf
Usage Tool rack, beverage, clothing, supermarket, food, industry
The structure Stand
Category Pallet racking
Hosting capabilities 1000-5000kg
Colors Customize
Packaging Standard export packaging, packaging + plastic film + plastic strip + extrusion die

Different warehouses can choose different specifications of the warehouse storage rack, if there are special needs, can also contact with the manufacturer for customization, very convenient, after use, will find that, compared with the traditional warehouse shelf, the advantages are very obvious.

goods shelf

 Comparison between traditional shelf and warehouse shelf

The carrying capacity of traditional shelves is not strong enough to carry a large number of goods, if the excessive load, will also pose a certain security threat to the staff.

After using the storage rack in the warehouse, we got a very big surprise, this shelf makes our warehouse more tidy, and the inventory actually increased a lot, fruit and vegetable display rack, clothes display rack and so on have brought us a very big convenience.

The supermarket or the shop must use such a high quality warehouse storage shelf, it brings us the change is unimaginable, the merchandise sells more smoothly, the staff’s work enthusiasm is high, we look forward to the future can have more high quality equipment to appear